Artist Statement


Making mechanical contraptions has been my passion since childhood.  I made my first wooden toy when I was eleven years old and have been creating unique kinetic contraptions ever since.  My favorite moments in life are when something I have just designed and constructed works for the very first time.  It is an indescribable feeling of anticipation leading to satisfaction and whimsical joy.  I hope that anyone viewing my mechanical art is inspired with the same sense of anticipation, captivation, and enchantment that I feel creating it.



My design process is a combination of tinkering, engineering, research and play. One moment I may be playing with masking tape, dowels and marbles and the next I’m laser cutting an extremely accurate 3D engineered gear.  With the sole exception of the actual nuts and bolts, I design and fabricate every single part from scratch. I use no store-bought mechanical movements. I believe that by literally reinventing these wheels I am developing a much deeper understanding of just how they work, and I’m therefore able to design them in a way that allows any particular movement to more clearly telegraph just how it works.  Designing from the ground up also allows me to simplify the movements, exaggerating their basic form and giving them a more playful and whimsical feel.



I tend to be very minimalist with my design style.  I always strive to minimize the number of materials in each sculpture.  A limited pallet of colors and textures results in a smaller “vocabulary” that one has to assimilate in order to explore my creations.  I use simple geometric shapes, so the mechanism’s profiles are not cluttered by extra design elements.  Also, I do everything possible to maintain as much negative space as possible, using only the barest minimum of support structures.  My goal is to create open and intriguing sculpture in which every mechanical movement’s intrinsically compelling motion is highlighted and clearly visible.