This website is specifically focused on my personal creative works over the years. I’ve been an inventor and tinkerer as long as I can remember. Whether it was electronics, masking tape and cardboard creations, classic wooden whirligigs, or toys and rolling marble contraptions, I was always making (or taking apart) something.


These early experiences eventually led to an entrepreneurial career as a educational toy designer and manufacturer.  I’ve founded two successful toy manufacturing companies and produced numerous award-winning toys that sold all around the world.  With the goal of shifting my focus from product to experience, I then joined the Exploratorium as Director of Exhibit Development.  I then transitioned into my current role of Director of Exploratorium Global Studios.


Here are a few talks that highlight my current work at the Exploratorium, my years in the toy business and side career as a mechanical artist:


Google Tech Talk


Creative Mornings Talk


Open Make at Exploratorium